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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I decided to import this whole blog into wordpress since I'm more comfortable with it. You can now see me at here. see you there!

The Eye Of The World

I was poking around our family library at home and I was surprised to find a novel I never saw at all after all these years. It had some discoloration in the paper so I knew it's been around for a while and not a newly bought book. I'm talking about our copy of The Eye Of the World by the famous fantasy author Robert Jordan. I consider fantasy my favorite genre of books. I don't read many books but fantasy is pretty much all I enjoy reading. While I've read the likes of the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia and a few others I never really read the thick lengthy fantasy novels like Lord of The Rings, The Shannara books of Terry Brooks and the books of Robert Jordan. For some reason, this surprising find of The Eye of the World has given me interest to finally attempt to read it. Maybe by reading it I will gain the interest to read those other lengthy fantasy novels sitting around in our library. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Frost Mage Fun

I just logged into my World of Warcraft account management page in the WoW website and it says it's frozen and my last login was September 25, 2006. I miss playing that game already since I just came from a 5 month long vacation from the game then I found out I had to quit once more due to vision problems. One of the cool things I did when I played with my guild during the time I came back was to do Molten Core and come up with this screen shot. I play a frost mage on the Bronzebeard server. We frost mages agreed to have some fun during the Garr fight where we all purposely go near the last small earth elemental thingie when it explodes so we all go flying through the air and then ice block. It's quite a sight as shown below! It's definitely one of the fun moments with my guild and I really hope to get back soon especially with the expansion coming January 16 next year.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How Did I Find Casino Royale?

I watched Casino Royale the other day and it felt a bit different from other Bond movies I've watched. Without criticizing the movie for its details and watching it simply for the sake of watching, I found it entertaining. It had a lot of action scenes and some touches of humor. I'm also glad that the role of the Bond girl has evolved into an integral part of the story and has a real involvement with the progression of it. Watching the early Bonds, it was annoying to see the Bond girl as merely a pretty face a la Ursula Andress strolling across the beach. Keeping in mind that Casino Royale was ian Fleming's first book and that it's supposed to the prequel to the Bond stories we know, a lot of inconsistencies were bugging me all throughout the film. 1. It's the first Bond story but the movie Casino Royale had modern day technology that was unseen during the early Bond days. This one is a bit understandable though since it would be really sucky to see a movie without cool technology nowadays. 2. The role of M was not always Judi Dench's. In fact ever since the start until he dies in 1981, M was played by a man named Bernard Lee. In fact in Golden Eye (Brosnan's first Bond movie), Judi Dench makes a reference to her predecessor in a conversation with Bond. This I assume is Bernard Lee's character. Being the first assignment of Bond, it should have been Bernard Lee's character that should have been in Casino Royale, hence they should have gotten a man for their M, not Dench. I'm thinking maybe Anthony Hopkins or *snicker* Sean Connery lol. Seeing as Bond was still much younger in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig was a good choice to play the most athletic Bond I've ever seen. It's a bit strange to see Bond running around and beating people up like a bruiser. It felt like I was watching a Vin Diesel movie. Overall though the movie was fun.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Knock Knock?

I happened to be channel surfing last night while watching TV saw that the Maury Povich show was on. It wasn't the usual Paternity tests episodes with the "You are not the father!" so I decided to check out what was going on. It so happened that Maury was featuring some famous online videos (all of which, fo some reason, I never heard of or seen before). This particular video of knock knock jokes made me laugh my ass off. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 04, 2006 got a face lift! has a new look and I'm loving it! It looks a lot more fresh and clean. Rather than being a just a blog to post announcement and thoughts from the founders and the rest of the management team, it's now serving a cooler purpose of being a portal to the b5 blogs. You can choose which channel to drop down now rather than scrolling down to the channel and blog of your choice. The site also features a random channel each time you visit. Like the sloganizer at my sidebar, you can refresh the site and a new channel will be featured. With b5 growing into one of the biggest blog networks around and the 2 million dollar VC funding it just got, everyone in b5 is very excited with all the changes. A new b5 deserves a fresh new look!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Low Vision Blog

I mentioned before that I had to quit playing World of Warcraft because my eye condition called Keratoconus. I've had it for more than 5 years already but I wore special lenses back then. Ever since my opthalmologist prdered me to stop wearing them I've been living in a blur but thankfully I can see well enough (actually... just barely) to use to PC to write stuff. i have to stick my face closer to the monitor than I normally should but it's the only way I can get to see what I'm reading and writing. Since I already write for b5media's NBA Obsessed, I've been thinking that I could probably write a blog all about low vision written from the perspective of someone actually experiencing it, living the low vision life. That way it's more personal and while I also have to write about the science news and technology about low vision (which includes other low vision conditions like cataracts and stuff), I also get to write about my experiences. It's probably not going to be up for a few more weeks but that's the plan.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Video Game Economics

I have played enough video games to say this one thing, the economics of video games are very unrealistic. Of course, I don't expect it to be too realistic since the variables that affect our economy are too many and too complex to be simplified into something that could be programmed into a game. What I am saying is that the economics in video games should be at least sound in terms of basics like the law of supply and demand and factors of production (labor and capital). How realistic is this? You play World of Warcraft and pick up an expensive piece of armor that you don't want to use. First instinct would be to sell it. Every time you try to sell a merchant something, he/she automatically buys it. You earn money!. Questions that you might ponder about: Did he/she really want that? Everything in the game seemes to be perfectly inelastic and so highly demanded that merchants would buy anything and everything that sell them. Sometimes you wonder why a weapons merchant would buy a peice of armor. Did he/she have the capital to buy that? These merchant never run out of money to pay you for stuff you sell them. In a real life situation, when a merchant goes into a buying spree most likely he/she will lose money. This will force the merchant to raise prices to make up for lost profits. You don't see this happening because the merchant doesn't lose money from buying too much of your stuff. How unrealistic! Imported from The Babbling Introvert v 1.0